Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs introduce themselves and the HSA to Oaklands Hunt Club.


Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs have kicked off the opening season hunt with a bang and a splash of BLACK! SAB BLACK.

We paid a a very overdue visit to Oaklands Hunt Club in Melbourne. So over due that this was actually the first time in the hunt clubs history that their opening season hunt had been sabbed. The saboteurs headed into the home grounds of the hunt and immediately got on the horn to announce the arrival of Hunt Saboteurs in Melbourne Australia. Now if you could have only seen the face of the bumpkins and hunters when the horn was blown, could saboteurs actually be here in Melbourne ? YES!

After some aggressive confrontation with a measly middle manager of the grounds, we took position in the grounds while the hunt and their bewildered bumpkins attempted to push and intimidate us. To our surprise and the hunts dismay the local police arrived and were understanding of our cause. A brief meeting with the hunt owner, police and saboteurs took place. Where the direct flaunting of the law by the hunt was pointed out. With a move on request from the police, sabs unveiled the HSA flag and promptly told the hunt that “we will see you in the fields in 10 minutes”.More horn blowing and the hunt using their children to attempt to stop photo’s being taken…..caring adults they really are.

We regrouped and drove off to catch the hunt out in the fields.

What ensured was multiple attempts from hunt support to try an intimidate us, bully us. They quickly learned that we would not buckle. As we drove off to he next vantage point it became clear we are off the grounds the police had asked us to leave, so we were clear of any trespass grief. As the hunt (if we could call a handful of riders on opening weekend a hunt) came into sight a fox ran for its life. With only a meters gap from the hounds we used the gizmo to full effect along with voice commands. The look on the redcoats faces when their hounds abandoned a live fox, and came running towards sabs running at them with the gizmo was something like a thing called karma. We took control of the sounds for a brief moment, allowing the fox to escape to safety. A second fox also made a dash to it set and was seen to safety by the sabs.

Now we almost forgot to mention that we had the complete pleasure of meeting up with a UK sab who came out with us. Poor buggers first Australian hunt sabotage and the hunt tried to ride him down as we ran in to save a fox. Yes, the hunts here are as brutal and careless as in the UK. Thankfully our UK comrade survived and the hunt and rider were treated to very stern and colourful reminder from the Australian saboteurs of just what would occur if they tried that again.
It is important to point out the following. Fox hunting in Australia has zero overall conservation
value. Rather, these hunts are nothing more than an excuse for Victoria’s rich and heartless to dress in stupid costumes and get off on defenceless animals literally being torn apart.

The following is taken from the Invasive Species Council’s ‘Is Hunting Conservation?’ report:

“Victoria had a fox bounty in 2002-03 that resulted in 170,00 dead foxes, but was abandoned because it didn’t work. A 2005 review of the scheme by DPI biologists Fairbridge and Marks found that it reduced fox abundance in less than 4 per cent of the state, and that numbers would quickly bounce back or climb even higher as a consequence of hunting



On the 3rd of April 1993, Tom Worby, a 15 year old hunt saboteur attending his first foxhunt protest, was crushed under the wheels of the Cambridgeshire Foxhounds hound van.

After a successful day’s sabbing, the hunt had boxed up and sabs were making their way back to the meet down a narrow, high-banked lane. As the hound van came up behind them, revving its engine, sabs scrambled for the roadside; however Tom’s jacket became snagged in the vehicles wing mirror and he was dragged some distance before he managed to gain a foothold on the van’s running board. Although he banged on the window the van kept going, and when Tom finally lost his grip, he fell onto the road and under the truck’s wheels. His head was crushed by the rear wheels of the vehicle and he died shortly afterwards.

No action was taken against the driver of the hound van, 53-year-old huntsman Alan Ball.

Tom Worby, never forgotten – Cambridgeshire foxhunt, never forgiven.

North West Hunt Saboteurs Association

“There is just hunt sabotage taking place where it is required”. A final word from the HSA

To travel half-way around the world to see how we sabotage English hunts may seem a bit extreme but a lot can be gained from experience and late night conversations about tactics and history, if only because we have been doing this a long time.

The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) has been in existence since 1963 and hunt sabbing started before that. It is the longest running direct action organisation in the world, longer lasting than the likes of Sea Shepherd or Greenpeace and unique that is still to this day run by volunteers with no paid staff, offices of other structures that would inhibit our actions. The local groups are autonomous, recognised and supported by the national organisation but free to plan and organise as they see fit.

With that in mind we have always been keen to see groups arise outside the borders of the UK, like animals have no national borders neither does the Hunt Saboteurs Association and we welcome Melbourne Hunt Sabs into the sabbing community with open arms. Let us hope it does not end there with other groups springing up across the country.

Becoming a hunt saboteur is about joining ’community of resistance’. It is people who will stand up and say no matter what your laws, what you call ‘tradition’ the hunting of wild animals is wrong and you will be opposed. Movements for change have never been able to rely on the law or the state to move forward social change, and activists have always been at the forefront and dragging the ethical framework to a better position.

We’ve been told a lot has been learnt from the three week trip, at least the application of malted vinegar to chips and eating of pickled onions has been indorsed. Let’s hope our sabbing tactics was also well learnt. With modern communications we can continue to offer help and support but as important friendships were formed over the past weeks. This is what builds movements, not money or offices but people making connections and working together for the greater good of all wildlife. There is no English hunt sabbing or Australian hunt sabbing, there is just hunt sabotage taking place where it is required.

Join us today…

Home and Hosed, thank god for Brexit.

Well, I made the long trip home.

So many feelings right now. Immediately missing the glorious saboteurs of the UK, my hosts and my now family and their dogs.

Jetlag is also a wild beast. The 22-hour flight home was mammoth. Tho entirely worth it. Emirates have rather good vegan food!

I’m struggling to find the right words to describe this trip. What an outstanding bunch of saboteurs I met. Their dedication to the cause is immeasurable. Not only are they fighting a hunting community of considerable wealth. These scum won’t let go of their so called right to fox hunt.

The law is on the side of the saboteurs, however the police are not. They don’t hide it either. Their inaction is cartoon-like. From openly ignoring road rules for illegal quad bikes to refusing to take statements from abused saboteurs, to even delaying, losing evidence and scuttling court cases to favour the hunt. The courts enforce minimal punishments handing out fines that are piddling compared to the deep pockets of the hunt clubs…and they call it a sport. Nothing is even, it’s all one sided. The hunts side.

Yet three to four times a week saboteurs from all over the UK get together and do everything they can to ensure the ongoing safety of foxes and the demise of the hunt. All while being heavily watched by a corrupt police force, violent hunt thugs and supporters.

I had a taste of the life of the Hunt Saboteurs. My home team Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs are one season in and gathering momentum. The skills are here. The drive is hard and wild. The battle is the same.

I’ll be back you glorious saboteurs. Every year til I die. Thats my promise.

“Wether it be bandanna, balaclava or mask. Where the fox is, so shall be the saboteur”.

The Crawley and Horsham Hunt, Old Surry and Burstow and West Kent Hunts.

Phew. That title was a vomit-worthy tongue twister wasn’t it?

Sadly tho, these vexatious bastards are just that. BASTARDS. Their complete lack of compassion and self-intoxicating desire to kill sees them out at least three times a week.

Today South Coast Hunt Saboteurs was without our general. However, saboteurs are built from an enduring mould. With four of us we headed off for a bit of a drive to meet up with saboteurs from West Sussex and also Gilford.

A quick change of vehicle and we were off.

The trick today was the terrain. With the hunt using the woods to hide from us.

Our trick is. Always look for the hunt support. So we did…successfully locating the hunt in no time. We’re off, quickly masking up to protect us from any form of doxxing. Enter the red coats. Scum they are. Abusing us from the get go. Telling us we’re trespassing. Yet they, are in clear violation of the hunting act, that, the old bill (police) simply turn a blind eye to. Including violence, threats and intimation towards the saboteurs. Not to mention complete miscarriages of justice for saboteurs in court.

Back to the hunt. With word a psychopath and belligerent huntsman who recently left his paid role with another hunt, was in the play with the red coats today. We were on guard. We stayed with the hounds for close to two hours, before they galloped off. Funny thing was, we saw no trail layers and the land we were on was not accessible by quad bikes, tho the hounds were running around easily. Sadly doing all they could to find a scent of a fox. We did find a dead deer. It appeared to have been there for a while.

The multi hunt meet today was supported by no less than 6 quad bikes full of bumpkins and two golf buggies…fancy a round anyone?

The bumpkins who are historically known for violence towards saboteurs were rather noiseless today. Good!

We called our support vehicle for a pick up, and drop off in front of the hunt.

Were we met them again in a section clearly identified by signs, stating that this area was used for deer culling, with firearms in use. It advised that all dogs be on a lead….interesting. The hunt clearly disobeying safety concerns for their hounds. SCUM!

What played out was the most bizarre experience with the hunt I’d ever had.

One hunt rider wanted a lengthy conversation with us. He proceeded to tell us that his hunt ( The Crawley and Horsham) had always laid trails, and that we would never understand the desire to hunt and respect hunting. No shit! When asked why his hunt were not transparent with their trail laying. His responses were based around that they didn’t want to (enter elite spoilt baby condition). “Well if you have nothing to hide”, we announced.

The remaining conversation was a load of hand on heart promises of trail laying. As we headed back to our support car, he followed still chatting away. I did compliment him on his horse and even got a pat in. Then things took a very unsafe turn. As we got in our car he stated that he was not going to let us pass and put his very beautiful horse in the path of the car. Not something a horse lover would do hey? As we attempted to monevuer around his horse safely he again blocked us. This created an oppturnity to pass through a gap without placing his horse in danger.

Success! Well almost. The rider then bought his horse to a canter alongside the car and yelled at us. Was he under the influence?? We sped up and it became clear the rider wasn’t giving up his pursuit so we pulled over and he passed. Not before we could tell him how dangerous it was to canter a horse on the road.

Enter the hunt again. Hounds quickly went into cry…trail hunting right? Wrong.

Saboteurs on the scene immediately saw the fox to safety as the huntsman and his trolls tried in vain to avoid.

I spent the next hour with the amazing Gilford Hunt Saboteurs, before calling in with the main group of saboteurs, who advised the hunt had returned and was packing up.

A regroup and debrief of the days activities followed. Cold, wet and muddy we got into our cars and headed home. Foxes safe, saboteurs successful tho cold, we had won this battle.

Hunt Saboteurs are really something else. I encourage you all to reach out to your local hunt saboteurs.

Crawley and Horsham

Well with the Beast from The East slowly winding down …. (we think).

The ground has proven still unsafe for the hunts horses. Yes. They are actually giving a shit about animals for once.

Snow is still covering lots of England. So most hunts didn’t head out on their usual Saturday murderous pillage. Which is perfect news for foxes and Saboteurs!!

This called for a day in, with some Harry Potter movies and what I have now started to enjoy….pickled onions in malted vinegar.

*photo credit to Bath Hunt Saboteurs.

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The beast from the east vs the sab from down-under.

Fuck. It’s cold.

Now generally speaking I prefer the cold over the heat. Well, the Australian cold over Australian heat.

As England struggles through sub-zero temperatures, as does this Australian Hunt Saboteur… Almost. I’m still loving this cold. Not sweating like a gipsy with a mortgage is a luxury I’m enjoying.

So while the temperature drops below zero. This also means the hunts are not heading out, foxes live another day without running for their lives from a death pack of hounds driven on by men in red coats with tiny dicks.

Regardless. Foxes live. This Hunt Saboteur is happy.

It has meant that I’ve been able to take in some sights around London and be a tourist. Yay!!

Yes. If you’re wondering Harry Potter World is on the list. ✌