Fox hunting in Australia has zero overall conservation value. Rather, these hunts are nothing more than an excuse for Victoria’s rich and heartless to dress in stupid costumes and get off on defenceless animals literally being torn apart.

The following is taken from the Invasive Species Council’s ‘Is Hunting Conservation?’ report:

“Victoria had a fox bounty in 2002-03 that resulted in 170,00 dead foxes, but was abandoned because it didn’t work. A 2005 review of the scheme by DPI biologists Fairbridge and Marks found that it reduced fox abundance in less than 4 per cent of the state, and that numbers would quickly bounce back or climb even higher as a consequence of hunting. Biologists had estimated that a 65 per cent annual reduction in fox populations was needed to make any difference.”

Yes, for the sake of our native species, we should seek ways to control fox populations but something as horrifically cruel and ineffective as the bloodsport that is fox hunting must be stopped.

Support Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs and help them shut down this senseless brutality. Whether you can provide cameras, maps, GPS devices or funds, every bit counts.

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