Early starts and unhappy hunts

Well its not quite as cold as the UK, but Melbourne does have a way of reminding you that 4 season in a minute is possible.

Either way. Rugged up and ready Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs headed out to pay our most treasured hunt Oaklands a visit.
Now Oaklands does hold a special place in our books, espically as they tried to run down a few of our saboteurs during their season opening hunt….wankers right!

Well with the cover of darkness on our side. We got eyes on the hounds and the transport van. Que the hunt lackies!!
With the usual conversation topics of “get off the land” and why do you have your face covered”, we tried to obtain information about the hunts intentions for the day.

As if orchestrated to perfection the not so local police arrived. Que aggression and unnecessary attiudes. Seems we finally found the police who are supportive of the hunts activities. Yay!

Tresapass Tresspass Tresspass. Rather boring stuff really. It raises the question on the intellegence of the hunt really. If we are taken to court for tresspass, this will give us one of the biggest platforms to expose them for what they are, a bunch of cruel pompus wanna aristocratic assholes, who, enjoy seeing an animal flee for its life then be ripped to shreds, while attempting to hide under the banner of false conservation.

“A fox stole my lamb”
No dickhead. A fox made you hide your shame of lambing ewes in winter. Animal agriculture has many dark doors, all have been scapegoated by another animal. Here we are, humans. No responsibilty except to our pockets. What divides us is ones moral duty to mother nature, not greed.

Fuck the hunt now and forever.

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