The Camperdown No Show

Today saw Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs head out to Camperdown to sab the bi-annual Camperdown Hunt and Parade of Hounds which occurs down the main street.

Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs were also supported today by the Animal Justice Party who arrived with a team of volunteers.

After three months of investigating and intel coming to Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs, this was pipped to be quite the event for us. Sadly the hunt decided not to throw their luck against us. Even with this event being their 120th anniversary. The hunt simply decided not to show. “Where the bloody hell are ya?” We asked.

No one answered. So after being stood up by the hunt, conversations with the locals told us that the hunt master may have called it a day as he has come of age and can no longer get his leg over his horse. Ha!

With quite the drive home, we said goodbye and thank you to our support from the AJP, and headed out even further to some know hunting spots of this hunt and a quick check on the kennels.

Well. Not a hunt insight. Cue some food (vegan of course) and a quick toilet stop and homeward bound it was.

Is this the fate of the hunts here in Victoria? Are they that embarrassed by their bloodlust that they won’t front up???

We also stand in solidarity with Upi III and all political prisoners worldwide

The cost of a coffee and sandwich can support us in our mission to squash these hunts.

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