Tocum-what? Tocumwal…..Tocum-no show more like it.
Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs did a fair bit of driving today. Close to 600ks to be exact. A trip out to our favourites, Oaklands Hunt Club at their supposedly secret hunting grounds. To our pleasure they had not headed out today. Maybe they were preparing their tea and scones for this wedding thingy.

With that, we drove over the border into New South Wales, to pay a first ever visit to Tocumwal Hunt Club and importantly their open invitational hunt and childrens hunt.
Yup. It’s not a typo, they hosted a childrens hunt. Teaching children to hunt an innocent animal, while allowing hounds to rip it to pieces.
“Wont somebody please think of the children”

Will someone think of the hunt. For an invitational this was a poor turn out. So poorly attended in fact that we drove past the meet!!!

Did people not get the invite to the invitational??? No invite? Did they not get the memo hahaha.

Well. We observed the non-invitational invitational. A rather boring event we must admit. Luckily sabs always bring vegan snacks and treats. Que a visit to the mighty Murray River. While the hunt fluffed we watched them pack up.

Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs are out every weekend. For the price of a coffee you can support the only direct action team exposing this bloodsport and confronting the illegal activities of the hunt

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