Barwon Hunt Club and the case of the disappearing hounds.

Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs took a bit of a drive on Saturday. To pay a visit to the Barwon Hunt Club. Again as a first for this club, they have not been blessed with the attention of saboteurs. However, their hunt master is an expat from the UK, and we can sadly report that this cruel and barbaric tradition that has no impact on conservation is not limited to egotistical men. Barwon Hunt Clubs hunt master is female. Now we are not ones to ever play or allow sexism of any sorts. So the hunt master was shown no special treatment. Once we found the hunt, oh did we mention it was their opening hunt of the 2018 season? Well, we’ve seen more attendance at a bank on pension day then at this lots opening hunt. With that que our drone. Up up and away. Showing a few horseboxes a good collection of hounds but not many riders.
Wasn’t long before they figured out we had arrived and just like clockwork, the bumpkins came in with their chests puffed out, yelling trespass and to get off their land. Well. It’s wasn’t their land. In fact if we get into it, its stolen land…..but that’s another story.
The usual conversations took place until the land owner arrived, who again tried the usual chest beating. The hunt master even came down for a chat to advise that they were flushing out foxes with their hounds and had seven shooters to account for any foxes. Now while this is a legal method, we know better then to trust a red coat. With the police on their way we headed off to meet them and discuss the hunts activity.

While the police were polite. They had no interest in checking the legal requirements of the hunt. With the bumpkins following us we headed off to meet up with the hunt. What ensured was a lot of cat and mouse with the hunt support. They got in our faces, we got in theirs.

Sadly what followed was us driving up on a flushing of a fox. Three men with rifles all running in different directions and three gunshots. While one of the shooters got in his car and drove off he stopped short of a tree line and out came the field and red coats. No hounds tho. Had they been placed back in the hound van once we arrived? Surely they wouldn’t be stupid enough to shoot at their own hounds?
With that, the field left as did the shooters. The support stayed to give us their usual rants and annoying theatre.

After some deliberation we called it a day.

11 thoughts on “Barwon Hunt Club and the case of the disappearing hounds.”

  1. Did you know hound wagons aren’t used in Australia? Hounds are transported in specially designed trucks which are left where the floats are.
    Its more likely they were called off and away for another part of the property. These private properties are 1000’s hectares. Its very unlike the UK in this regard. No public land, no jumping from property to property. The landowners are very loyal to the hunts who are doing a job for them.


    1. Ah. Well. Did you read the post. We saw the hounds then they vanished. Landowners loyal to the hunts. Do the landowners know the truth of the introduction of the fox? Why are the landowners allowing lambing in winter?
      Public land? Clearly you don’t know much about sabs


      1. I don’t know much about Australian sabs or what you would call commons. Public land seemed closest. Certainly it makes it easier to access them over here than it does there without raising the ineffective plods.
        Not once in 5 years of whipping in did I witness hounds removed during a hunt. Not to say it doesn’t happen but would be surprised. They take a different attitude over there to us. Hunts are confined to one property, not spread over many like we have. Just my experience. I didn’t hunt with that club so don’t know for sure what their jig is.
        No farmer so can’t answer your other questions.


  2. I was with Mansfield hunt. Came out with the huntsman and ran their hounds for a few seasons in a row. I do believe they have since folded or merged. I can’t quite remember what happened. Our services were no linger reuqired at any rate.


      1. NE. Well I support them. Too old to be out there on the ground these days. But always happy to shout a few gallons and pints where needed.

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