Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs introduce themselves and the HSA to Oaklands Hunt Club.


Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs have kicked off the opening season hunt with a bang and a splash of BLACK! SAB BLACK.

We paid a a very overdue visit to Oaklands Hunt Club in Melbourne. So over due that this was actually the first time in the hunt clubs history that their opening season hunt had been sabbed. The saboteurs headed into the home grounds of the hunt and immediately got on the horn to announce the arrival of Hunt Saboteurs in Melbourne Australia. Now if you could have only seen the face of the bumpkins and hunters when the horn was blown, could saboteurs actually be here in Melbourne ? YES!

After some aggressive confrontation with a measly middle manager of the grounds, we took position in the grounds while the hunt and their bewildered bumpkins attempted to push and intimidate us. To our surprise and the hunts dismay the local police arrived and were understanding of our cause. A brief meeting with the hunt owner, police and saboteurs took place. Where the direct flaunting of the law by the hunt was pointed out. With a move on request from the police, sabs unveiled the HSA flag and promptly told the hunt that “we will see you in the fields in 10 minutes”.More horn blowing and the hunt using their children to attempt to stop photo’s being taken…..caring adults they really are.

We regrouped and drove off to catch the hunt out in the fields.

What ensured was multiple attempts from hunt support to try an intimidate us, bully us. They quickly learned that we would not buckle. As we drove off to he next vantage point it became clear we are off the grounds the police had asked us to leave, so we were clear of any trespass grief. As the hunt (if we could call a handful of riders on opening weekend a hunt) came into sight a fox ran for its life. With only a meters gap from the hounds we used the gizmo to full effect along with voice commands. The look on the redcoats faces when their hounds abandoned a live fox, and came running towards sabs running at them with the gizmo was something like a thing called karma. We took control of the sounds for a brief moment, allowing the fox to escape to safety. A second fox also made a dash to it set and was seen to safety by the sabs.

Now we almost forgot to mention that we had the complete pleasure of meeting up with a UK sab who came out with us. Poor buggers first Australian hunt sabotage and the hunt tried to ride him down as we ran in to save a fox. Yes, the hunts here are as brutal and careless as in the UK. Thankfully our UK comrade survived and the hunt and rider were treated to very stern and colourful reminder from the Australian saboteurs of just what would occur if they tried that again.
It is important to point out the following. Fox hunting in Australia has zero overall conservation
value. Rather, these hunts are nothing more than an excuse for Victoria’s rich and heartless to dress in stupid costumes and get off on defenceless animals literally being torn apart.

The following is taken from the Invasive Species Council’s ‘Is Hunting Conservation?’ report:

“Victoria had a fox bounty in 2002-03 that resulted in 170,00 dead foxes, but was abandoned because it didn’t work. A 2005 review of the scheme by DPI biologists Fairbridge and Marks found that it reduced fox abundance in less than 4 per cent of the state, and that numbers would quickly bounce back or climb even higher as a consequence of hunting

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