“There is just hunt sabotage taking place where it is required”. A final word from the HSA

To travel half-way around the world to see how we sabotage English hunts may seem a bit extreme but a lot can be gained from experience and late night conversations about tactics and history, if only because we have been doing this a long time.

The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) has been in existence since 1963 and hunt sabbing started before that. It is the longest running direct action organisation in the world, longer lasting than the likes of Sea Shepherd or Greenpeace and unique that is still to this day run by volunteers with no paid staff, offices of other structures that would inhibit our actions. The local groups are autonomous, recognised and supported by the national organisation but free to plan and organise as they see fit.

With that in mind we have always been keen to see groups arise outside the borders of the UK, like animals have no national borders neither does the Hunt Saboteurs Association and we welcome Melbourne Hunt Sabs into the sabbing community with open arms. Let us hope it does not end there with other groups springing up across the country.

Becoming a hunt saboteur is about joining ’community of resistance’. It is people who will stand up and say no matter what your laws, what you call ‘tradition’ the hunting of wild animals is wrong and you will be opposed. Movements for change have never been able to rely on the law or the state to move forward social change, and activists have always been at the forefront and dragging the ethical framework to a better position.

We’ve been told a lot has been learnt from the three week trip, at least the application of malted vinegar to chips and eating of pickled onions has been indorsed. Let’s hope our sabbing tactics was also well learnt. With modern communications we can continue to offer help and support but as important friendships were formed over the past weeks. This is what builds movements, not money or offices but people making connections and working together for the greater good of all wildlife. There is no English hunt sabbing or Australian hunt sabbing, there is just hunt sabotage taking place where it is required.

Join us today…

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