Home and Hosed, thank god for Brexit.

Well, I made the long trip home.

So many feelings right now. Immediately missing the glorious saboteurs of the UK, my hosts and my now family and their dogs.

Jetlag is also a wild beast. The 22-hour flight home was mammoth. Tho entirely worth it. Emirates have rather good vegan food!

I’m struggling to find the right words to describe this trip. What an outstanding bunch of saboteurs I met. Their dedication to the cause is immeasurable. Not only are they fighting a hunting community of considerable wealth. These scum won’t let go of their so called right to fox hunt.

The law is on the side of the saboteurs, however the police are not. They don’t hide it either. Their inaction is cartoon-like. From openly ignoring road rules for illegal quad bikes to refusing to take statements from abused saboteurs, to even delaying, losing evidence and scuttling court cases to favour the hunt. The courts enforce minimal punishments handing out fines that are piddling compared to the deep pockets of the hunt clubs…and they call it a sport. Nothing is even, it’s all one sided. The hunts side.

Yet three to four times a week saboteurs from all over the UK get together and do everything they can to ensure the ongoing safety of foxes and the demise of the hunt. All while being heavily watched by a corrupt police force, violent hunt thugs and supporters.

I had a taste of the life of the Hunt Saboteurs. My home team Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs are one season in and gathering momentum. The skills are here. The drive is hard and wild. The battle is the same.

I’ll be back you glorious saboteurs. Every year til I die. Thats my promise.

“Wether it be bandanna, balaclava or mask. Where the fox is, so shall be the saboteur”.

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