The beast from the east vs the sab from down-under.

Fuck. It’s cold.

Now generally speaking I prefer the cold over the heat. Well, the Australian cold over Australian heat.

As England struggles through sub-zero temperatures, as does this Australian Hunt Saboteur… Almost. I’m still loving this cold. Not sweating like a gipsy with a mortgage is a luxury I’m enjoying.

So while the temperature drops below zero. This also means the hunts are not heading out, foxes live another day without running for their lives from a death pack of hounds driven on by men in red coats with tiny dicks.

Regardless. Foxes live. This Hunt Saboteur is happy.

It has meant that I’ve been able to take in some sights around London and be a tourist. Yay!!

Yes. If you’re wondering Harry Potter World is on the list. ✌

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