The Fox and the Hound.

So as I complete my last leg of the journey to London. To learn from and assist the Hunt Saboteurs Association, and meet our big brother/sister crew South Coast Hunt Sabs. A movie selection on my flight is….”The Fox and the Hound”.

Now. Walt Disney has a knack for getting issues across that have caused many a debate. Think back. All those children’s movies you loved and could quote every line from.

Yup. They all had a message. Much like this film.

Mateship. Is it solely our human greed that drives animals to hunt each other? Have we turned the animal into a profitable resource?

I attended a rollover of a truck carrying chickens to slaughter, and my mind was blown. Police in attendance protecting the profits and property of the chicken supplier. Since when have VicPol been a privatised entity. My opinion of The Save Movement was forever changed.

While I spent my time at the truck rollover making sure the police in attendance did not have a pleasant experience. Others focused on the rescue of chickens.

If it takes a film over 30 years old to kickstart your compassion…..then amazing.

Cannot wait to head out with the Saboteurs here in the UK

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