The Pony, The Fox and The Hounds

Almost like The Good The Bad and The Ugly…..accept there is no good here.

What lies beneath the surface of pony Clubs across Victoria, is the bloodlust of the modern fox hunt club.

Oh cute, ponies and children.

Wouldn’t you bring your children to watch animals rip another animal apart right?

Sadly tho fox hunt clubs hide behind the front of pony Clubs here. With the activity of fox hunting community operating in plain sight.

Riding for the Disabled Australia even partner up with some of these clubs. Now in no way am I suggesting that we outlaw children with disabilities riding horses. Tho I wonder if they are aware of the barbaric traditions hiding behind smiles and experience these Pony Clubs bring.

While the older clubs in Victoria do have signage saying who they are. Actually gaining information is somewhat more difficult. With Hunt Saboteurs here, being around for only one season, the support of the public like in the UK has not yet been established. Given the fox is classified as a pest doesn’t help. Public opinion does tell us that foxes being torn apart by hounds are not wanted.

The tradition and the elite environment exists here. With Hunt Clubs showing their horses at some of the biggest events here in Melbourne.

The Melbourne Show sees clubs from across the border in attendance. Again in plain sight. With the broader public unaware of the hidden bloodlust hiding away. While hunt members parade their horse’s skills.

What would be the opinion of the public if they were aware of the truth behind the red coat?


















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