Oh they love their hounds

The common myth that Hunt clubs love and care for their hounds is just that. A myth.

Last year Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs visited Oakland’s Hunt Club, inspecting the conditions they had their hounds in.

What we found were conditions unsuitable for prisoners. Concrete floors, no shade and hounds exposed to all the elements.

“But we love our hounds”

Bullshit. Plain and simple. Hounds are often starved to ensure a stronger and desperate appetite for hunting.

While the law states that all hounds must be cared for and given the right veterinary services when required. Hounds rarely see any compassion.

Hounds are routinely shot when they become to slow to keep the pace of the pack. Injuries are rarely reported.

This idea of wastage has gone unchecked for too long.

Which is the biggest issue facing hunt Saboteurs in Melbourne Australia? These hunts have had no opposition to their barbaric bloodsport.

I’ll write a post regarding the hunts hiding behind the face of pony clubs soon.


















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