A word from The Hunt Saboteurs Association

When our Melbourne Hunt Saboteur first said he was coming to the UK, as part of a trip to see some Rugby event, and would work in a few days sabbing over a long weekend we offered to put him up. My second thoughts were ‘Australian, Rugby, Hunt sab…hmmm better hide the beer!

This morphed into a three weeks trip because the rugby got reversed with the English club going to Australia but with the Melbourne Hunt Sab still coming over, so we started to work out how we could show him the full UK sabbing experience. We did this with a Belgium sab a few years back and he came out only once, we got jumped by some terrier boys and we both ended up in hospital. Hoping not to repeat that experience.

My first contact with our Melbourne Hunt Saboteur was when he contacted the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA), with the idea of setting up a Melbourne Hunt sabs groups. We, of course, welcomed the idea and gave as much moral support and advice, including Skype, calls to talk over tactics. Since then Melbourne sabs have been ‘out in the field’, and we are coping with the experience he gets from his trip over he will be able to assist and train more Melbourne hunt sabs.

So during the three weeks, we are hoping to get him out sabbing as many hunts as possible and instruct him in the noble art of hunt sabotage. Hunt sabbing has been going since 1963, and as much as hunter’s whinging on about tradition, hunt sabs are no as much a part of English ‘tradition’ as riding around in red coats slaughtering animals.

So, I’m hoping to send this Melbourne Hunt Saboteur back to Australia in one piece, with a few stories and hopefully a lot of sabbing experience but I’m making no promises. Now, where did I hide that beer?



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