Supporting the home team.

The journey to International Hunt Saboteur,started with Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs.

Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs, or MHS are a new team to the already widley filled animal activist community in Melbourne Australia.

While other amazing and rightfully equal groups boast a large capacity of supporters, both as behind the scenes and boots on ground. Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs remain small in comparison. It doesn’t take a large team of sabotures to successfully sabotage a hunt. However more the merrier is better.

While I won’t go into direct tatics used to successfully sabotage a hunt. Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs, have been learning as fast and accurately as possible. Being new means making mistakes.

Having the support of The Hunt Saboteurs Association, means the Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs have been able to use and adapt the skills and knowledge from over 50 years of experience from The Hunt Saboteurs Association.

Below are links to both Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs and The Hunt Saboteurs Association.

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