The introduction of the fox to Australia ðŸ¦Š

White settlers/invaders introduced the fox. Under the ego previously established in Britain. The fox was brought across the sea so that they could continue their barbaric bloodsport here.

“Foxes (Vulpes vulpes) (also called the red fox and European fox) were first introduced to Australia in around 1871. A small number were shipped from England for the purposes of sports hunting and released into the wild

It is correct to state the fox originally, has no place within the precious ecological footprint of Australia.

Our native animals did suffer from the introduction of the fox.

Does this make the fox a bad guy?

We say no it doesn’t.

The Australian habitat has adapted. While the continued abuse of farming and agriculture will argue that the fox continues to kill lambs.

Let’s not get confused here. Common farming is only concerned with profit and never with the welfare of animals.

Australia has government ran and continues to run programs to try and cull the fox. Primarily 1080.

How Australia is still using this while other countries have banned its use and manufacture is beyond us.

1080 is an indiscriminate killer. With no real way of tracking is efficiency.

So where does that leave us?

Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs exists solely to end the barbaric bloodsport tradition of hunting foxes with hounds.

We will expose this hidden secret.

We will have the fox hunting community running for cover.



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