Video of Oakland’s and Findon Harriers Hunt clubs end of season Hunt

Late September 2017. I and the Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs headed out to pay a visit to the end of Season Hunt of Oakland’s and Findon Harriers Hunt clubs.

One and a half hours drive north of Melbourne Australia saw us in some amazing countryside.

Sadly tho, the sound of the hunting horn penetrated this beautiful countryside.

After missing the jump due to incorrect intel. We quickly found the support cars of the combined hunts. These supporter cars gladly assisted us and pointed out the run for the hunt.

With a quick regroup the saboteurs headed out to meet the hunt.

What followed was the first time in Australian history that a fox hunt had been sabbed.

Now take into consideration that the hunting community is unlike other hunters. The fox hunters drive expensive cars, have tea and biscuits and packed lunches. They come from backgrounds of “class and privilege”. They firmly believe that it is their right to continue the so-called tradition of hunting with hounds that begun in the UK.

(I’ll write a post regarding the introduction of foxes to Australia soon)

Following the disprution of their hunt, the usual conversation with the hunters took place. With the hunt clearly using their horses as weapons against the saboteurs.

It’s important to state that the fox is classed as a pest in Victoria and can be hunted. However, there are laws governing this.

It is our firm belief that this bloodsport must be placed into the pages of history. We must find an alternative to hunting foxes with hounds. In today’s world, this cruel and barbaric tradition must and will be stopped.

Bringing this so-called sport into the spotlight is the first of many steps to achieve this. Too long has it gone unchecked and regulated.

The hunts were not happy with our presence, but this will not be the last they see of us.

Please follow the journey.







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