The Laws and Why We Exist

Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs exists solely to intervene with the bloodsport that is fox hunting with hounds. While the law is a grey area. We firmly believe that this so-called sport has no place in today’s modern society. Below are just a few of the laws that we believe will aid in putting a stop to this barbaric bloodlust.
While we acknowledge that the fox is an introduced species, let us remind you that the fox was introduced by English settlers so that they could continue their so-called god’s sport here in Australia. They created the problem and continue to hunt based on their belief that it is their right. It’s 2018, this bloodlust needs to be placed in the pages of histor


1.4 This Code does not approve of hunting where one animal is permitted to inflict an injury that causes another animal to suffer.
4.2 Dogs used for hunting must not be permitted to worry, maim or injure animals.
4.10 Dogs used to assist hunters should be healthy and in good physical condition. If these animals are injured, they should receive prompt first aid or professional treatment.
5.7 Fox hunting with horses and hounds. Foxes hunted using foxhounds and horses should not be headed or deliberately diverted for the purpose of prolonging the hunt. A fox that has gone to ground should not be pursued again on that hunt.
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