Who’s who in the zoo #2

Who’s who in the zoo (aka fox hunting society) #2

Meet Kate De Lecci. Hunt master of the the Barwon hunt club.
Now when we paid a visit to their opening hunt they quickly packed up their hounds and stated they are “flushing” foxes to people with rifles. Which we note is perfectly legal, stupid, but legal.
We do wonder what would have occurred if we didn’t show up to their opening hunt. Doubt the hounds would have been packed up…. While Kate is originally from the UK, we wish she’d left that tradition of bloodsport in the UK.
Keep to being a car navigator.

There’s a lot of ‘old money’ invested in this industry of fox hunting with hounds……

Who’s who in the Zoo

So who’s who in the zoo. Well at least in the hunting circles.
Let’s introduce the hunt master of Oaklands Hunt Club Connor Dwyer.
Flown out specifically to lead the hunt here, Connor left his home hunt to chase foxes here, and what is taken directly from the article below “both kangaroo and Wallaby can be a nuisance”.
Not bad for a bloke on a visa.

It’s still illegal for the hounds to rip foxes apart, bring harm or worry to the fox.

Yes the fox is an introduced speices (introduced by the English invaders). No animal deserves to be ripped apart by a pack of dogs for the enjoyment of an elite circle.

There is no positives from this form of contro


Fox hunting in Australia has zero overall conservation value. Rather, these hunts are nothing more than an excuse for Victoria’s rich and heartless to dress in stupid costumes and get off on defenceless animals literally being torn apart.

The following is taken from the Invasive Species Council’s ‘Is Hunting Conservation?’ report:

“Victoria had a fox bounty in 2002-03 that resulted in 170,00 dead foxes, but was abandoned because it didn’t work. A 2005 review of the scheme by DPI biologists Fairbridge and Marks found that it reduced fox abundance in less than 4 per cent of the state, and that numbers would quickly bounce back or climb even higher as a consequence of hunting. Biologists had estimated that a 65 per cent annual reduction in fox populations was needed to make any difference.”

Yes, for the sake of our native species, we should seek ways to control fox populations but something as horrifically cruel and ineffective as the bloodsport that is fox hunting must be stopped.

Support Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs and help them shut down this senseless brutality. Whether you can provide cameras, maps, GPS devices or funds, every bit counts.


Early starts and unhappy hunts

Well its not quite as cold as the UK, but Melbourne does have a way of reminding you that 4 season in a minute is possible.

Either way. Rugged up and ready Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs headed out to pay our most treasured hunt Oaklands a visit.
Now Oaklands does hold a special place in our books, espically as they tried to run down a few of our saboteurs during their season opening hunt….wankers right!

Well with the cover of darkness on our side. We got eyes on the hounds and the transport van. Que the hunt lackies!!
With the usual conversation topics of “get off the land” and why do you have your face covered”, we tried to obtain information about the hunts intentions for the day.

As if orchestrated to perfection the not so local police arrived. Que aggression and unnecessary attiudes. Seems we finally found the police who are supportive of the hunts activities. Yay!

Tresapass Tresspass Tresspass. Rather boring stuff really. It raises the question on the intellegence of the hunt really. If we are taken to court for tresspass, this will give us one of the biggest platforms to expose them for what they are, a bunch of cruel pompus wanna aristocratic assholes, who, enjoy seeing an animal flee for its life then be ripped to shreds, while attempting to hide under the banner of false conservation.

“A fox stole my lamb”
No dickhead. A fox made you hide your shame of lambing ewes in winter. Animal agriculture has many dark doors, all have been scapegoated by another animal. Here we are, humans. No responsibilty except to our pockets. What divides us is ones moral duty to mother nature, not greed.

Fuck the hunt now and forever.

The Camperdown No Show

Today saw Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs head out to Camperdown to sab the bi-annual Camperdown Hunt and Parade of Hounds which occurs down the main street.

Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs were also supported today by the Animal Justice Party who arrived with a team of volunteers.

After three months of investigating and intel coming to Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs, this was pipped to be quite the event for us. Sadly the hunt decided not to throw their luck against us. Even with this event being their 120th anniversary. The hunt simply decided not to show. “Where the bloody hell are ya?” We asked.

No one answered. So after being stood up by the hunt, conversations with the locals told us that the hunt master may have called it a day as he has come of age and can no longer get his leg over his horse. Ha!

With quite the drive home, we said goodbye and thank you to our support from the AJP, and headed out even further to some know hunting spots of this hunt and a quick check on the kennels.

Well. Not a hunt insight. Cue some food (vegan of course) and a quick toilet stop and homeward bound it was.

Is this the fate of the hunts here in Victoria? Are they that embarrassed by their bloodlust that they won’t front up???

We also stand in solidarity with Upi III and all political prisoners worldwide

The cost of a coffee and sandwich can support us in our mission to squash these hunts.



Tocum-what? Tocumwal…..Tocum-no show more like it.
Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs did a fair bit of driving today. Close to 600ks to be exact. A trip out to our favourites, Oaklands Hunt Club at their supposedly secret hunting grounds. To our pleasure they had not headed out today. Maybe they were preparing their tea and scones for this wedding thingy.

With that, we drove over the border into New South Wales, to pay a first ever visit to Tocumwal Hunt Club and importantly their open invitational hunt and childrens hunt.
Yup. It’s not a typo, they hosted a childrens hunt. Teaching children to hunt an innocent animal, while allowing hounds to rip it to pieces.
“Wont somebody please think of the children”

Will someone think of the hunt. For an invitational this was a poor turn out. So poorly attended in fact that we drove past the meet!!!

Did people not get the invite to the invitational??? No invite? Did they not get the memo hahaha.

Well. We observed the non-invitational invitational. A rather boring event we must admit. Luckily sabs always bring vegan snacks and treats. Que a visit to the mighty Murray River. While the hunt fluffed we watched them pack up.

Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs are out every weekend. For the price of a coffee you can support the only direct action team exposing this bloodsport and confronting the illegal activities of the hunt


Barwon Hunt Club and the case of the disappearing hounds.

Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs took a bit of a drive on Saturday. To pay a visit to the Barwon Hunt Club. Again as a first for this club, they have not been blessed with the attention of saboteurs. However, their hunt master is an expat from the UK, and we can sadly report that this cruel and barbaric tradition that has no impact on conservation is not limited to egotistical men. Barwon Hunt Clubs hunt master is female. Now we are not ones to ever play or allow sexism of any sorts. So the hunt master was shown no special treatment. Once we found the hunt, oh did we mention it was their opening hunt of the 2018 season? Well, we’ve seen more attendance at a bank on pension day then at this lots opening hunt. With that que our drone. Up up and away. Showing a few horseboxes a good collection of hounds but not many riders.
Wasn’t long before they figured out we had arrived and just like clockwork, the bumpkins came in with their chests puffed out, yelling trespass and to get off their land. Well. It’s wasn’t their land. In fact if we get into it, its stolen land…..but that’s another story.
The usual conversations took place until the land owner arrived, who again tried the usual chest beating. The hunt master even came down for a chat to advise that they were flushing out foxes with their hounds and had seven shooters to account for any foxes. Now while this is a legal method, we know better then to trust a red coat. With the police on their way we headed off to meet them and discuss the hunts activity.

While the police were polite. They had no interest in checking the legal requirements of the hunt. With the bumpkins following us we headed off to meet up with the hunt. What ensured was a lot of cat and mouse with the hunt support. They got in our faces, we got in theirs.

Sadly what followed was us driving up on a flushing of a fox. Three men with rifles all running in different directions and three gunshots. While one of the shooters got in his car and drove off he stopped short of a tree line and out came the field and red coats. No hounds tho. Had they been placed back in the hound van once we arrived? Surely they wouldn’t be stupid enough to shoot at their own hounds?
With that, the field left as did the shooters. The support stayed to give us their usual rants and annoying theatre.

After some deliberation we called it a day.